Our Philosophy

Great Design for All RPA is committed to providing effective design solutions for any scale. We believe that quality design is achieved through the balancing of light, space and materiality and that an effective solution can be achieved no matter the constraints.

Bring It On RPA has a variety of experience in residential and commercial construction; these range from small residential renovations to large commercial interiors. These projects often include custom furniture and millwork. We welcome any and all design challenges.

The Perfect Design for the Situation RPA seeks to provide the right design for the right situation. All design responses are based on their budget and site conditions; including weather patterns, access to sunlight, neighbourhood character and city requirements. In every situation we look for opportunities to connect interior and exterior spaces. All these factors influence the final design and for that reason our designs are indigenous to their surroundings.

Sustainability Within Reach RPA encourages sustainable techniques in design and construction. Often subtle changes can produce great savings in energy consumption and enhance the quality of the space. It may be easier than you think to be green.

The RPA Approach

RPA works closely with the client to develop a project that is truly suited to their needs. All required site information is first collected and analyzed, then options are explored through the use of hand drawings, 2D drafting and 3D modeling. Often the client is invited to participate in a “working session” to fully ensure your needs and ideas are integrated into the final design.

Depending on the scenario, the project is directed through the appropriate city process of permitting before the onset of construction.

Through regimented site visits and close contact with contractors, RPA is committed to ensuring that its projects are executed as designed.

Our Team